Human Rights Protection starts at Home - Germany's Review in the UN Human Rights Council

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In this MultiPod episode, we are having a conversation with Nicoletta Zappile, Deputy Director of the Geneva-based NGO 'UPR-Info', and Sarah Ultes, Research Associate at the Multilateral Dialogue of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Geneva.

They closely monitored Germany's fourth Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in the United Nation's Human Rights Council on 9th November 2023. What did the member states have to say about the current state of human rights in Germany? How has the situation evolved since the last UPR? And what does all this mean for Germany? After all, Luise Amtsberg, Germany's Commissioner for Human Rights said: 'After the UPR is before the UPR. It is a cycle, it never ends.'

UPR-Info is a Geneva-based NGO that raises awareness and provides capacity building tools to different actors of the UPR process of the Geneva based Human Rights Council. UPR-Info works with Member States of the United Nations, NGOs, National Human Rights Institutions, Civil Society Actors, parliamentarians and journalists. Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Geneva closely works with UPR-info.


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